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Arthur Revenal (Cooper River) Bridge, South Carolina

Arthur Revenal bridge is the largest cable suspension bridge in North America.

The traveller, a sort of horizontal elevator that moves along the inner edges of the edge girders, is used for cleaning, inspections and maintenance. With its 2 telescopic extensions it is 144 feet long and spans the entire bridge platform. It is the longest single unit traveler in the world.

SEP president and designer Bill Nesteruk is famous for his elevator magic, going around curves and uphill and downhill without sliding.

Elevator rounds bend at lower level of tower.

Second Narrows Bridge

Outer Traveller being loaded for delivery to site.

Inner Traveller being loaded for delivery to site.

Traveller below bridge.

Traveller complete with
single suspension platform.

One out side traveller.

Alex Fraser Bridge

Support Truss shop assembly and loading for transport to site.

Specially designed, 120 foot long, support truss for concrete cross head forming.

Capable of carring loadings of 1.2 million pounds with maximum 85 foot span between support points with variable loading support points.

Ready for lifting into position.

Lifting into position.

Mounted in place.

Missouri Bridge

One of three travellers being raised into position.

Traveller in position under bridge

VLT Motor controls

Traveller in assembly test phase.

Granville St. Bridge, Vancouver, BC

In shop construction.

Traveller being assembled.

Loaded for delivery from shop.

Being errected.

Placement in progress.

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