Window washing / Building Maintenance access equipment

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American Consulate Building, Vancouver, BC

Shop assembly.
Rotating support beam & trolley being assembled.

Main boom assembly.

1095 West Pender St.
Roof car system Installed.
Longest reach installed in
Vancouver to date.

Work platform being lowered.

Close up of platform preparing for drop.

BC Gas - Terasen, Vancouver, BC

Rotating, four point spreader beam assembly.

Unique, large four point suspension drum system.

Showing four cables on drum.

Bogie wheel drive system.

Metro Town Centre - Burnaby, BC

Tower 1, radiused track travelling rotating boom with powered spreader beam type roof car & work platform.

Tower 2, roof car system for window washing equipment.

Concord Pacific, Vancouver BC

Davit system with two man suspended platform.
One of 18 buildings in this project with installations By SEP.

Battery powered Boson chair delivered to Concord Pacific project.

Real Estate Board Head Office, Vancouver BC

Tie back anchors being installed.
Background shows Concord Pacific buildings of which 18 are equipped with SEP equipment.

Telus "Boot" Burnaby BC

Window washing roof car system loaded.

Installation, totally assembled and ready for use.
With rack and pinion telescopic boom.

Wall Centre, Vancouver BC

Stage suspended from Lift-Kat track system for accessing peak points.

Work platform suspended from davits.

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